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Google Mobile Services (GMS)

What does GMS mean?

GMS stands for Google Mobile Services and is a group of apps which are pre-installed on the system level of a device.
Apps like Play Store, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome and YouTube are included in the GMS package.

GMS includes APIs (Application Programming Interface) which makes it possible for a developer to use certain functions on the device, for example the Bluetooth- or WiFi-connection.
One of the most important functions we use for our apps is the ML Kit (Machine Learning), these APIs make it possible to detect barcodes (in 1D and 2D).
GMS also makes it possible to push a software-update to the device, these can include important security- or firmware-updates.

Most of the scanning devices we sell include GMS, devices without GMS are labelled as Non-GMS.
Non-GMS devices use the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) build, which can be a great option when looking for a single case solution without the need for GMS.
AOSP gives the flexibility to make your own updates, schedule them on certain times and keep your firmware where you want it.

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